The Building Of King Solomon’s Third Temple

The Temple is in rubble, the Crafts are in confusion, and all hope appears to have been lost. For those Craftspersons who have been traveling the road to Jerusalem for any length of time at all, it is not that difficult to understand the reason why. Freemasonry was never intended to be practiced from the top down or bottom up, and as a result neither of those methods have ever been successful in bringing the Fraternity to realize its full potential, nor will they ever be.  Freemasonry is not about rules and regulations; it is a matter of the heart.  Freemasonry was intended to be practiced upon the level. Before the Third Temple of King Solomon can be built the foundation must be laid, and before the foundation can be laid the ground must be leveled.  All any true Freemason desires is to have the freedom to practice what is felt in the heart and to have a place to do it. We stand at the threshold of a dream. Although our principals are timeless, if we do not step boldly into the future, the full potential of our beloved Freemasonry may be relegated to the dust bin of historic lore. While the world is quickly moving forward our Crafts are being left behind. However all hope has not been lost. The system that appears to be a stumbling block to our progress is actually the stepping stone into our future. There exists the prerogative to introduce Freemasonry to its destiny by fiat. Who among you having Freemasonry in your heart, will also have the courage of your convictions? Who among you will be the FIRST to put down the setting maul and pick up the trowel?